Interpreting the Future and Creating
it Now


At Sliver we strive to be fashion forward in our approach to hair cutting, styling and colouring, creating both sophisticated and funky looks that are technically precise and effortless.

As a Schwarzkopf PH Salon we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry’s cutting edge training, leading the way in the latest styling fashions and techniques to create unique and beautiful hair.

We believe that our clients are the best form of advertisement for the skills of the team, who endeavor to provide every client with an exceptional personalised service, focusing on ensuring each clients leave the salon with sexy, beautiful and healthy hair, with a look that stay modern, moves naturally and is easy to recreate at home day after day.

We believe that when everything else is taken off - your clothes, your jewellery, your makeup
– the beauty of a Sliver cut and colour stays with you.